Garden Timber

We stock a large range of Garden timber products including

Landscaping & Planters



Arches & Arbors

Garden Buildings


Lap Fence Panels

We stock a large range of Lap Fence Panels, starting at a price of £17.99 ranging from 6X3 to 6X6. 

Gravel Boards

Our Gravel Boards are at an incredible price of only £6.99. Measured up at 8ft in length, 6 inches in width and 1 inch in depth.

Large Mesh Trellis

We stock and make our own large mesh trellis, currently a brilliant seller starting at a price of only £8.99.


We keep in stock a huge range of posts varying in different sizes, for example we have 6ft 2x2 all the way up to a 8ft 4x4.

Jagram and Forest Products

Rose Arch

240 x 100


HD Classic Sqare Trellis

183 x 90

£20.99 Each

English Wall Trellis

80/40 x 183


York Panel

100/120 x 180 (4ft)


Hampton Gate

85/100 x 150


Omega Planter

50 x 180 x 150


Timber Product Catalogues

We supply timber products from Jagram and Forest. Please click on download to view their catalogue